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How PEMF Therapy Manages Chronic Pain

PEMF devices have been widely used in the medical field for over 60 years. They are approved by the FDA which helps eliminate chronic pain and other health issues related to poor cellular functioning or weak circulation. This device initiates an electromagnetic field in the body. It works with an adhesive pad to deliver an electromagnetic pulse to the cells. Using the PEMF device helps repair the damaged cells and return them to their proper functioning.

It also manages many health issues including difficulty sleeping, diabetic neuropathy, anxiety, and depression. But the most commonly used is to treat chronic pain. Let’s discuss how PEMF devices fight chronic pain and how they can provide lasting relief.

How PEMF Therapy Manages Chronic Pain

  • It improves blood circulation by fixing cellular energy

  • The arteries and capillaries are boosted in the system making the blood flow improve throughout the body.

  • Once the blood circulation improves, swelling is reduced, one of the most common factors for chronic pain.

  • Having improved circulation means managing other pain relief symptoms like bone or tissue damage. It starts to heal by itself as soon as the therapy starts due to the increased oxygen in the blood.

  • Cells are improved for better functioning. The therapy may be able to remove toxins which helps you feel better generally and see a good result in pain reduction.

PEMF Therapy is safe, non-invasive, and provides immediate relief for chronic pain. It is tested and properly studied. It significantly has been shown very effective for medical purposes and home treatment.

Pinnacle Performance Care is proud to offer our PEMF treatment to people who are suffering from chronic pain. To learn more about the devices, reach out to us today.

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